Monday, May 24, 2010

Yet Another Pre-loved!

1A- Top Shop Checkered jacket (UK size 10- Size M to L)
2A-Two Tier Dress( fits Size s to M)
2B- Cotton On Pink Dress ( Size M)(SOLD)
3A- Zara Long Neck shirt (Size M)
3B- Flowery 3-Quater dress (Size S)

Item descriptions -:
1A- Material- wool with lining- Bought in London
2A- Material- Cotton-very comfortable
2B- Cotton! (bought in Melbourne)
3A- Viscose
3B- Silky material

Photos: are labeled according to the clothes

Price: 1A- RM35, 2A-RM20, 2B-RM20,3A-RM20,3B-RM15

Delivery method: Postage- price exclude postage.

Reason(s) of reselling: impulse buying!

E-mail: for a.s.a.p reply!

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