Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mooshi Preloved!


7A: Checkered Brown Turtle Neck Shirt Dress ( free size-fits up to L)
7B: Jeans Dress (Size S)

7C: Brown Dress (Fit S & M)

PRICE ALL RM 15 each (include postage fee)

8A: Beige Color Long Suit Dress (Fit M & S)

8B: Vintage Naf Naf Floral Dress (Size M)

PRICE ALL RM18 each (include postage fee)

9A: Papercut Dress (Fit S & M) other accessories not included.

PRICE RM15 (include postage fee)

10A: Vintage J.Crew Dress (Fit S & M)

PRICE RM25 (include postage fee)

E-EMAIL to : for A.S.A.P replies!!!!

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